Good Help is Hard to Find​

We’re here to help.

Our nanny service connects you with qualified babysitters and nannies.

It’s a quality service that considers the whole child and families needs


To provide parents with the utmost high quality nanny services where families feel confident, safe and trusted in leaving their children in someone else's care.

We know that it takes a village to raise children! At Kids on the RISE we are committed to being a part of that village and offering high quality care! 

We also know that hiring nannies and babysitters can be stressful for families! We want to take the stress away! We will find the perfect match for your family!

Babysitting Service

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable caregiver for your children? 

Do you need a mothers helper for additional support around the house?

If you need help from time to time or on a regular part time basis then this service is for you!

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